“At TRUCKEAZE International we understand and acknowledge the value in the distribution of goods and services. We’re an experienced team which prides itself on consistently delivering a high-quality service whilst building strong relationships with our customers.”

Wet Bulk Movement

We transport Fuel and Liquified Petroleum Gas from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa to Zambia, Malawi, and DRC (Lubumbashi). We have 40m3 to 44m3 tanker capacities on diesel and 40m3 to 46m3 on Petrol, Kerosine and JetA1 and 20MT’s to 24MT’s tankers on Liquified Petroleum Gas

Dry Bulk Movement

We move general cargo to and from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, and DRC. We can transport maximum of 34 MT’s of general cargo, break-bulk loads (containerized 1×20’, 2×20’ or 1×40’) but if the load go through Mozambique, we are restricted to 30MT’s due to their road regulation.

tracking system

All our vehicle fleet are equipped with both live satellite tracking and On-Board Computer system that enables management to monitor live tracking vehicle movement. Historical and live locations of the vehicle, cargo and staff can be viewed. Movement reports that show you the locations from where your vehicles departed, where they arrived at and how many visits were made.

We have a dedicated technician who manages and monitors all live vehicle movements. Produces reports daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle movement.